For Queen Hereafter

"King's blend of historical figures and fictional characters turn a medieval icon into a believable mother, wife and ruler. Quotes from original sources offer context and insight as to where the record ends and imagination begins." -- Publishers Weekly

"King's ability to draw readers into dark and intriguing stories is at its height in this tale that is as complex and colorful as the threads of a tapestry." -- Kathe Robin, RT Book Club Reviews

"King is adept at pulling the reader into uncharted historical territory and making it real.  A story of love, women's friendship, and suspense—this epic tale and its larger-than-life characters linger in the mind and heart.”
 --Karen Harper, author of Mistress Shakespeare

"A captivating tale of the devout girl forced by fate to become queen to a passionate king.  As successor to Lady Macbeth and the most powerful woman in Scotland, Margaret earns love, hate--and lasting friendships. Susan Fraser King carries her readers through the Scots courts as if she'd lived there herself.”
—Patricia Rice, New York Times bestselling author of The Wicked Wyckerly

“Through a combination of assured scholarship and powerful storytelling, Susan Fraser King brings alive the complex, vivid world of Margaret of Scotland. With vibrant characters and lyrical description, this is a wonderful evocation of eleventh century Britain in all its fierce splendor."
—Nicola Cornick USA Today bestselling author

“She: a pious, educated foreigner; he: a hirsute warrior king—yoked together in matrimony for political expedience.  Based on actual events, Susan Fraser King paints a vivid portrait of Margaret and Malcolm, a forced royal marriage that beat all odds and developed into one of mutual love and respect.”
–Leslie Carroll, author of Notorious Royal Marriages
"Powerful and lyrically written, Queen Hereafter illuminates a little known corner of Scottish history with riveting authenticity. Susan Fraser King weaves together the threads of women's lives into a tapestry of love, friendship, and the eternal search for truth."
-- Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author of Never Less Than A Lady

"Susan Fraser King’s books, Lady Macbeth and now Queen Hereafter, are such delights--she lets us explore where normally we historians are not permitted to go. And what a wonderful pleasure that is, for she brings the scholar’s eye for authentic detail and evokes all the smoky atmosphere of medieval Scotland. Oh, I am jealous—and grateful."

-- John C. Hartsock, professor of literary journalism and author of Seasons of a Finger Lakes Winery


LADY MACBETH by Susan Fraser King takes readers into the heart of eleventh-century Scotland, painting a vivid picture of Gruadh, the last female descendant of the country's most royal line. Married, pregnant, then quickly widowed, she is forced to wed her husband's murderer, the warlord Macbeth. Determined to protect her interests and those of her infant son, she vows to preserve her family's legacy at any cost.

Captivating...forceful, epic tale written in high-voltage prose...a ripping tale of love and ambition."            -- Publishers Weekly

“A compelling book, vividly realized with fascinating detail.”  -—Rosalind Miles, international bestselling author of I, Elizabeth

Glamour Magazine recommends LADY MACBETH! The book is featured in the February issue of Glamour! In the "Buzz" section, listed under "900 Years of Kick-Ass Women!" 

"Shakespeare's was a manipulator, but in this adventure, the misunderstood queen is recast as a brave leader."  -- Glamour Magazine

"King manages to challenge all our preconceptions without turning the strongest female character in literature into a pantywaist. Her footwork on this fictional ground is sure and graceful."--Bookpage


"Historical romance novelist King leaps into deeper historical waters with this captivating take on Lady Macbeth, who tells her side of the story with a forceful, uncompromising daring....Based on historical evidence and recent theories of the era, this is an epic tale written in high-voltage prose. King’s novel will thrill lovers of Shakespeare adaptations and delight anyone who wants to enjoy a ripping tale of love and ambition."   

           -- Publishers Weekly

“The voice of the Scottish queen just burns off the page (and) will forever change the way you view Macbeth and his lady.”

          -- Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author

"Susan Fraser King breathes new and vibrant life into a woman who has become an archetype....Not since THE MISTS OF AVALON have I been so transported by elegant lyric prose, a great galloping story, and the unforgettable life and voice of this Queen of the Scots. Highly recommended."

          -- Eileen Charbonneau, Merritt Bookstore, Cold Spring NY, in BookSense

“Turns Shakespeare’s play on its ear, setting history against fable as it brings a nuanced and fierce truth to the life of the much-maligned Lady Macbeth.”

            -- Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author

“Impressive…King shows her familiarity with the land and the time, with a sympathy for its people, in presenting an exciting new view of Lady Macbeth.”

          -- Benjamin Hudson, Professor of Celtic and Medieval History, Penn State University, and author of Irish Sea Studies, 900-1200

“Forget everything you ever knew about Lady Macbeth! King’s novel is the real deal, immediate and powerful. Combining fresh new scholarship with a rare gift for storytelling, Susan Fraser King brings to life the true Lady Macbeth—an unforgettable warrior-queen who is brave, wise, and altogether enthralling.”      

          -- Susan Holloway Scott, author of Royal Harlot: A Novel of the Countess of Castlemaine and King Charles II

“Spinning her tale from the steel and bones of history, Susan Fraser King tackles one of literature’s most famous villainesses and utterly transforms her….vividly drawn details and richly believable characters.”          

       -- Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author of A Distant Magic

“A wonderful book…impeccably researched, psychologically nuanced, this is a thrilling yet historically based novel about the woman behind the man Shakespeare consigned to infamy—and a woman, surprisingly, with whom we can sympathize.”  

-- John Hartsock, literary historian, State University of New York, author of A History of American Literary Journalism

"Susan Fraser King brings Lady Macbeth's world vividly to life--a richly detailed, beautifully written and moving story."                    

-- Loretta Chase, author of Not Quite A Lady